Our company has always had great relationships with our loyal clientele. Our clients are important to us; therefore we want to ensure that our work and professionalism continue to exceed expectations. Many of our clients are well known and for confidentially reasons we are unable to share a reference list with you on our website. Our clientele comes from a variety of backgrounds:

  • Hotel owners and Investors,
  • National and international companies,
  • Property management, construction companies, project developers,
  • Banks, Funds,
  • Embassies,
  • Accountants and auditors,
  • Local and district courts,
  • Private clients,
  • Attorneys, notaries, liquidators,
  • Housing associations.

At your personal request, we will be glad to share our individual references and detailed information on past projects with you. In addition, you have the opportunity to get more information about us at the following links.


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