Depending on your specific project’s needs, we will select the most affordable and practical solution for you.

Court reports
In court cases, compensation is regulated by the JVEG Judicial Remuneration and Compensation Act.

Private reports
Basically, the process starts with a consultation in which the task at hand is discussed in great detail. The goal of this first consultation is to gain enough information to be able to estimate the amount of time and resources needed to complete the project, and then to provide the client with an estimate of the professional fee. Our company fees are calculated via their hourly/daily rates (between 150,00 and 200,00 Euro / 1.200,00 and 1.600,00 Euro) or by negotiating a project flat-rate. Additional costs, such as travel, expenses and communications costs will be calculated in accordance with the actual amounts incurred. Billed fees do not include currently applicable VAT taxes/service or goods sold taxes (if applicable).