Rental and lend-lease

Determination of common rent/lend-lease amounts for the location in question can be used as validation, commonly required by financial institutions, and also be of great help during contractual negotiations between owner and lease holder. Since the contract period of most lease agreements is rather long, an industry-specific determination of a lasting value is of great importance for both parties. The essential distinction used to determine the location-specific common rent or lend-lease for commercially used property that includes office space and or living quarters is that there is no information published that can be used for comparison.  Therefore special knowledge of transactions in the area of the location in question is needed, but rarely available if dealing with appraisers that are not specialized in the hotel/restaurant industry. In order to ensure that the connection to and knowledge of an area in which a prospective business is located is given, our company limits themselves to providing such expertise only within a specific radius of our branch locations